Webalizer GroupAgent config – round 2

A helpful reader pointer out that Opera has borked it’s user agent string, which unfortunately means that webalizer can no longer distinguish between Opera 9 & Opera 10. It is a bit of a shame, but not something I can do anything about.

I also took out the “Version/4″ detection for Safari, because it is a little stinky – any browser could put “Version/” in their UA string (which happens to be exactly what Opera has done). So here is my updated webalizer GroupAgent config, for use with version 2.01 of webalizer (which is the Debian stable version):

GroupAgent      Firefox/3               Firefox 3
HideAgent       Firefox/3
GroupAgent      Firefox/2               Firefox 2
HideAgent       Firefox/2
GroupAgent      Firefox/1               Firefox 1
HideAgent       Firefox/1
GroupAgent      Firefox                 Firefox
HideAgent       Firefox
GroupAgent      Chrome/4                Chrome 4
HideAgent       Chrome/4
GroupAgent      Chrome/3                Chrome 3
HideAgent       Chrome/3
GroupAgent      Chrome/2                Chrome 2
HideAgent       Chrome/2
GroupAgent      Chrome/1                Chrome 1
HideAgent       Chrome/1
GroupAgent      Chrome/0                Chrome 0
HideAgent       Chrome/0
GroupAgent      Chrome                  Chrome
HideAgent       Chrome
GroupAgent      iPhone                  iPhone
HideAgent       iPhone
GroupAgent      Safari                  Safari
HideAgent       Safari
# Instead of using "Opera/10", Opera stuck with "Opera/9.80" and added "Version/10" to their UA
# string - this means we cannot distinguish between Opera 9 and 10 using this version of webalizer
GroupAgent      Opera/8                 Opera 8
HideAgent       Opera/8
GroupAgent      Opera/7                 Opera 7
HideAgent       Opera/7
GroupAgent      Opera/6                 Opera 6
HideAgent       Opera/6
GroupAgent      Opera/5                 Opera 5
HideAgent       Opera/5
GroupAgent      Opera                   Opera
HideAgent       Opera
# TODO: When Debian finally upgrade webalizer, use "MSIE x"
GroupAgent      8.0                     Internet Explorer 8
HideAgent       8.0
GroupAgent      7.0                     Internet Explorer 7
HideAgent       7.0
GroupAgent      6.0                     Internet Explorer 6
HideAgent       6.0
GroupAgent      MSIE                    Internet Explorer
HideAgent       MSIE