I started using chrome as my main browser. What was holding me back was that the webkit developer tools for a long time just weren’t as good as Firebug. Now they are almost on a par. So I’ve been using Chrome as my main web browser for coming up to two months now and for the most part it has been a fantastic experience. Chrome is just lightning fast, from startup to rendering to javascript performance. I don’t have any benchmarks, but everything just feels really "light".

This could be because I’m coming from Firefox with three plugins installed: Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar and Adblock Plus…but I get the feeling that if I disabled the Web Developer Toolbar and Adblock Plus, Firefox still wouldn’t feel as light. Anyway, this isn’t why I started the blog post. I really wanted to vent a couple of frustrations I have with the browser. Seemingly minor frustrations that could probably be fixed really easily. Here they are:

  1. I can’t change the default font or page background colour or if I can, I can’t find where I do it. I change the default font and background colour from black to dark red and from white to grey respectively so that when I build websites I remember to set a default font and background colour in my reset
  2. It is really hard to save a 1×1 pixel image from a website to my desktop. I have to pinpoint the exact pixel on the screen and right click on it. I haven’t figured out an easier way of doing this…if there even is one
  3. When saving an image using the network tab of the developer tools the filename becomes "download" and _not_ the filename of the image I am saving
  4. Lastly, no out-of-the-box RSS support. I really miss it, and I love Firefox’s implementation of it in the bookmarks bar. N.B. I realise there is a plugin.