I want my Snow Leopard functionality back!

Lion’s Mission Control is the closest thing I have to Snow Leopard’s Spaces. Generally, I’m fine with Lion. I’m used to the reverse scrolling and can just about deal with not knowing what I can and can’t scroll (although that is starting to grate), but the following things really affect me as they are “killer features” that I now don’t have:

  • No see “all windows in all spaces”. In Snow Leopard I had bottom left as my spaces hot corner and bottom right as my all windows hot corner. What was awesome was that I could trigger spaces at the bottom left, and then trigger all windows at bottom right – which meant I could see all windows in all spaces! Mission Control shows me all windows in the current desktop, but not all windows in other desktops…grrr
  • No moving windows between spaces/desktops. In Snow Leopard I used to be able to move windows between spaces, I cannot, in Lion, move windows between desktops…double grrr
  • No rearranging desktops in the order I want them. Also note that “Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use” is completely useless. I really don’t want Lion to move my furniture around…how am I ever going to find stuff if it isn’t left in the place I put it?